Amazon Live: What it is, and How to Best Leverage it.

What Is Amazon Live

Watch out QVC and Instagram Live – Amazon’s here to join the fun! Just recently Amazon rolled out Amazon Live: A live streaming platform where brands can post video content promoting their products and consumers can discover these products. Brands can now create their own videos with the Amazon Live Creator App on their iPhone where they can talk about and demonstrate their products. Below the video, there is a carousel that shows off the products in the videos and leads consumers directly to the product detail page. This rollout is an absolutely FREE feature for sellers. However, sellers can set a budget to “boost” their video to reach more shoppers.  To access Amazon Live on desktop you currently need to go to, however, on the Amazon mobile app, there is a section labeled “Amazon Live” consumers can click on. 

What This Means For Brands

Brands that are Brand Registered can participate in Amazon Live. These brands can see analytics of their live streams such as total views, average duration time, total messages from consumers, and total sales. Brands can decide to offer a special promo code to viewers who watch and listen to the video. E-commerce is getting more and more visual and interactive. Nearly 90% of online shoppers say that product videos are helpful in the decision process and 64% of consumers are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video. Along with this, people spend 3 times longer watching a live social video compared to one that has been pre-recorded. With consumer shopping trends shifting towards video, why not create an Amazon live video?

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