Amazon’s New Add To Cart Pop-Up Feature

If you’re like me, you’ve added at least one item to your Amazon shopping cart today. You then looked to the bottom of the product detail page to peruse the “frequently bought together” and “sponsored products” because let’s be honest, what’s one more thing?

Your experience most likely looked similar to the below:

Starting last week, we recognized Amazon slowly updating how consumers view this information in the form of a pop-up after you click “add to cart” – see image below. We are seeing this new feature only in some categories and not all products within the same category have updated just yet We assume they are slowly rolling out the new feature on all product details pages over the next few days.

We found the new pop-up in the following categories so far: 

  • Luxe Beauty
  • Cosmetics 
  • Bedding 

This is interesting for Luxe Beauty because the selling point is that brand’s could not run sponsored products on those pages. But, the new feature is now popping up when you click “add to cart” for some luxury beauty brands.  

CEO and founder Laura Meyer says, “What this shows me is that “sponsored” and ”frequently bought together” products are going to become even more important. Brands should keep in mind that the “frequently bought with” pairings is hard to manipulate if there is a pre-existence relationship. If you have a new catalog you can run coupons such as buy one, get one at a discount because when consumers buy both at the same time, that builds that relationship with Amazon’s algorithm. If you have a case where third party sellers have been selling your products for a long time and a random brand is a complementary product through the “frequently bought together” that could take some time to overcome.”

We’ll keep our eye out on the new feature and continue to update this post.

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