When a customer purchases a product from a brand that advertises results — that customer expects results! Therefore, brands that have products with a performance outcome should focus on educating customers on how to correctly use a product. Also, manage customer expectations to avoid negative reviews. Product Purpose Products declaring a performance outcome can be supplements that make your hair grow longer, a facial device to help fight wrinkles, or probiotic supplements that help with
The concept of a customer review is fantastic. It flips the power from the brand to the consumer. For the longest time, brands were telling customers what they should want and now customers are telling brands their opinions on their products for everyone to see. Furthermore, customer reviews have raised the expectation of the value of a product. In the 1950s, you could go to the pharmacy store and there were a limited amount of
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The Holidays are fast approaching. How is Envision Horizons preparing our clients for the busiest time of the year? Having a strong advertising strategy is one of the most lucrative things you can have going into the retail Super Bowl. To follow are tactics we are implementing, our 360 strategy breakdown, and the key to winning big this HoliDAZE! BE ORGANIZED #1 is being as organized as possible. Create a holiday checklist. See ours, below:
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If you’re like me, you’ve added at least one item to your Amazon shopping cart today. You then looked to the bottom of the product detail page to peruse the “frequently bought together” and “sponsored products” because let’s be honest, what’s one more thing? Your experience most likely looked similar to the below: Starting last week, we recognized Amazon slowly updating how consumers view this information in the form of a pop-up after you click
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Earlier this year, Amazon started to roll out free one-day shipping for Prime members. Receiving your purchases as quickly as possible without the crazy fees is a dream come true for consumers. But, what does this mean for brands? RISE IN FBA FEES “With Prime’s free one-day shipping I’m curious to see what’s going to happen to FBA fees in February,” says Laura Meyer, Founder and CEO, Envision Horizons. Historically, Amazon has updated their FBA
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Amazon is Shutting Listings Down with Negative Customer Reviews Amazon has recently become much more sensitive about shutting listings down after a negative customer review or product return. We know the e-commerce behemoth has always operated with a customer-centric mindset. However, will this loyalty to consumers impact their relationship with brands?  Historically, Amazon has always suppressed listings that don’t abide by their quality standards. Typically any listing that has incorrect photography, description, or keywords can
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Amazon Creates Auto-Generated Variations Under Listings Amazon has been making some interesting changes to their platform. First, the controversial, yet unsurprising, change to their A9 Algorithm, and now we’ve seen auto-generated variations being created.  The variations are being automatically created by Amazon, and they appear below a product listing on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Reference the screenshot below for an example. Variation Deep-Dive  While this feature seems to be relatively new and there
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Amazon Changes A9 to Favor their own Brands The Wall Street Journal recently reported Amazon adjusted its A9 algorithm to give preferential placements to listings that are more profitable for the company – likely their own brands. This is the first massive change to their platform that doesn’t align with their Leadership Principle, “Customer Obsession.” While brands are (understandably) concerned about what this means for their sales, there are additional elements that need a spotlight. 
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