Meet the Experts

Our Founders

Laura Meyer

Chief Executive Officer

Founder & E-commerce Guru. Previous Amazon employee. “Pet Project” Consists of being mom-ager to Mr. Monster Pup. Midwest small-town roots, big city dreams.

Lindsey Gorman

Chief Technology Officer

Thought Leader and Business Markets Expert. Greatest Outdoorsman Ever. Computer Scientist turned Wall Street Trader turned Dog Dad.

Our Team

AnnaRose Photo

Anna Rose

Sales Analyst

True Crime Junkie. Broadway Enthusiast. Ski Bum. Loves calculus. Can and will talk to anyone.

Samantha Modaro

Account Manager

Adventurer. Loves a good challenge. Coffee fanatic. Biiig people person. Specializes in marketing strategy and creative solutions.

Katie Ohman

Account Manager

Loves talking to strangers. Decently Traveled Texan. Politics Fanatic. E-Commerce Expert. Body Weight is 20% Chicken Over Rice by Volume.

Chloe Pradeau

Software Engineer

Problem solver. Speaks five languages, codes in six. Colorado native and avid skier.

LisaAnn St. Pierre

Billing & Executive Assistant

Mommy Extraordinaire. Guardian of Little Minions. Music Lover. Seeker of Adventure.

Mr. Monster Pup

Director of Pawsitive Culture

The team mascot. Enjoys a nice steak dinner & long walks down 5th Ave.

Want to Join the Team?

Envision Horizons is always looking for new talent to add to the team. If you’re interested in working for Envision Horizons, please send a cover letter and resume to LisaAnn St. Pierre.