Amazon Paid Advertising

What is Amazon Paid Advertising?

Amazon Paid Advertising lets businesses reach and engage consumers at each stage of their journey, from brand awareness to purchase intent to experience. 

Amazon Sponsored Product Ads

Sponsored Product ads appear right where consumers will see them: on the first page of search results and products pages. This real estate provides your listings with instant visibility and boosts in CTR and conversions. Given that 70% of Amazon consumers don’t navigate to the second page of SERPs, Envision Horizons has curated a strategy to leverage Amazon’s advertising systems.

The EH Way to implementing a successful advertising strategy is threefold:

  • Automatic Targeting
  • Manual Targeting
  • Product Targeting

How We Help

Envision Horizons focuses on a holistic approach to ensure the long term success of your brand. Our paid advertising strategy aims to:

  • Increase monthly Amazon revenue
  • Grow brand awareness & retention
  • Manage efficient, well-oiled accounts

In order to scale Paid Advertising, an optimized storefront is necessary for positive user experience. On our clients’ storefronts, our strategists strive to produce storytelling and customized content.

We emphasize optimizing all elements of Amazon’s Ecosystem because, from where our clients’ are sitting, it works.