Amazon Strategy & Growth

Strategic Insight

At Envision Horizons, we have created a cohesive Amazon strategy to help brands scale on Amazon. The threefold process requires understanding:

  • Amazon Consumers
  • Brand Competition
  • The Marketplace

The Amazon Consumer

The Amazon consumer is action oriented. More than 60% of consumers begin their product search on Amazon, with less than 30% navigating to the second page of results. Envision Horizons strategists leverage this behavior through compelling story-telling, imagery, detail pages and more.

Brand Competition

As brands are competing for the conversion, our clients’ have access to unique proprietary data and insights on Amazon’s competitive landscape. Our processes have been tested and proved by the millions of dollars of monthly sales we help our clients generate.

The Amazon Marketplace

As you compete with brands for the conversion, you’re simultaneously competing with Amazon for visibility on the first page of SERPs. Our strategists manage and optimize client accounts to be “Amazon Friendly,” producing first page results.

Consumer & Catalog Insights

Understanding consumer behavior is roped into one of our core values to be inquisitive. It’s not enough to see sales spiked on a given day, we want to know why. Figuring out the “why” and understanding what the consumer’s mental or emotional process was is part of how we help our clients thrive.

When brands decide to partner with Envision Horizons, they not only receive Amazon experts, they receive e-commerce experts as well. Envision Horizons employees have a passion for all things e-commerce and retail.

Coupling consumer behavior with keyword research, our strategists:

  • Identify emerging products
  • Assist client’s with product launches
  • Provide catalog development
  • Leverage low-cost bid strategies